Advantages Of Seven-Stage

Refined Water

Stainless Steel Refiner

If you want the best water for your family, then you should consider a SEVEN-STAGE SYSTEM.

At this time a seven-stage refiner is the best your money can buy!

It filters your water seven times before coming out of your faucets; results,  tastes better than "Bottled water."


Need more information about this seven-stage refiner-- We will come to your home and give a free water test and give you our literature and best price. We never ask you to purchase our products!! We never give a sales presentation!! After you have shopped around and compared this refiner to other brands, if you feel Aqua Soft fits your needs better, then you can call us back at 863-559-3199.


The Aqua-Soft Stainless Steel Water Refiner is a SEVEN-STAGE whole house water filtration system. There is no other system available on the market that can provide the same benefits that this system provides. These water refiners are manufactured from highly polished solid stainless steel and feature the latest design in control valves. This Refiner softens municipally treated water and also inhibits the growth of bacteria in the filter media.

The bacteria inhibiting feature of the Aqua Soft Water Refiner is based on two filtering processes, the first is NASA Silver Ion Technology developed to purify water aboard the space shuttles. The second is Aqua-Redox Media. A Silver impregnated activated carbon is used by the Silver Ion Technology and a mixture of copper and zinc is used by the Aqua-Redox Media. Working together these two processes inhibit bacteria, algae and fungi growth in the filter media of our Refiners when setting out in the hot sun or in a hot garage.

They also remove bad tastes and odors and also removes chlorine, chlorine by-products, pesticides, herbicides, chloramines, lead, nickel, mercury, chromium, other water soluble heavy metals, inorganic minerals, approx. 1100 organic compounds and filters out sediments from the water to 5 microns. Bottom line, you are being provided water tasting "better than" bottled water.

The Most Noticeable Advantages of Seven Stage Refiner Water Are Shown Below