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7-Stage Water Softener/Conditioner,

It's the best your money can buy!! 

This 7-Stage Water Softener/Conditioner is a whole house filtration system. There is no other system available on the market that can provide the same benefits that this system provides. These water softeners/conditioners are manufactured from highly polished solid stainless steel and feature the latest design in control valves. Other companies are using a fake metal jacket that covers a fiberglass tank and they call it stainless steel and it's not, its cheap low grade metal, that will rust.

This water softener/conditioner softens municipally treated water and also inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi in the filter media when setting out in the hot sun or in a hot garage.

The bacteria inhibiting feature of the Aqua-Soft water softener/conditioner is based on two filtering processes, the first is NASA Silver Ion Technology developed to purify water aboard the space shuttles and the second is Aqua-Redox Media.

The Silver Ion Technology uses Silver impregnated activated carbon and the Aqua-Redox Media uses a mixture of copper and zinc. Working together these two processes inhibit bacteria, algae and fungi growth in the filter media of our Water Systems.

These water softeners/conditioners also remove bad tastes and odors and also removes chlorine, chlorine by-products, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chloramines, lead, nickel, mercury, chromium, and other water soluble heavy metals, inorganic minerals and approx. 1100 organic compounds and filters out sediments from the water to 5 microns. Bottom line, you don't have to live with unhealthy, chemicalized, bad smelling, bad tasting water coming into your house. The bonus is, your water will taste "better than" bottled water.