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Below are just a few of our customer's testimonials sent to us over the years.  Tell us what you think of your AquaSoft system!

I have never written a review for anything before, but, I am so happy with my water treatment system. I thought I should let the world know. Below are my comments. I hope you will share them with your prospective customers to enable them to make a better informed decision as they contemplate the pros and cons of installing a water treatment system. Living in the Bradenton, Florida area we are used to water that is very poor quality. It usually has a cloudy appearance and more often than not, it has a foul odor and pungent taste. My water system has been installed for about two months. I an very pleased to say that since we installed the AquaSoft system our water has been fantastic! There is absolutely no odor and it is as clear as a bell. The taste is the best tasting water I have ever experienced. Bottled water doesn't even compare. Prior to locating to Bradenton we lived in New Your State. Good quality fresh water was abundant, however, we still had a whole house filtration system at our home. The system worked well in terms of filtering out the unwanted chemicals and particulates, however, it did not have the Silver Carbon stage, so the flavor did not come close to what we have with the AquaSoft system.Since installing the AquaSoft system, we have not purchased bottled water at all. Also, our clothes and our hair feel wonderfully soft after laundering and showering. I would absolutely recommend the AquaSoft system. You won't be disappointed!!

Joe E. Family
Bradenton, Fl

We are Riverstone residents and I am writing to tell you we are very pleased with our AquaSoft water system. Water taste great. Everything appears to be much cleaner and brighter.We would gladly recommend this system.

DeLluca Family
Naples, Fla

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know that your  Water System is the best investment I have ever made for me and my family's health. I can truly tell the difference in our drinking water, the shower and believe it or not our clothes. They smell and look better than before. We are so pleased with your product and thank you again for your help. I would personally recommend your water system to anyone, we are completely and truly satisfied."

The Combs Family

"I've only had the system for about three weeks now and I've been out of town for half of that time, so I haven't gotten a chance to really use it but I can already see the differences. My skin is softer and my hair is smoother and silky. My clothes are softer and don't have a funny smell to then anymore. My dishes come out of the dishwasher much cleaner and without any white residue.The best thing about the system though is how much money it saves you! And who doesn't like to save a little money? My shampoo, conditioners, and body washes will all last much longer because I'm only using about a quarter of what I had previously been using. My laundry detergent will last longer because I'm using just a few drops versus filling up the cap now. And I've stopped using fabric softeners all together. I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone in the community. It saves money, time, energy, and improves your overall quality of life. And I don't think you can put a price tag on that last one."

The Lingle Family
El Paso, TX  

"I am writng this letter to discuss the benefits of the new water system recently placed in our home. When Dave, the owner of Ramos Drilling and Water Treatment showed up at our door, We allowed him to run his tests despite the fact that we were skeptical of the whole idea of putting forth the money to use his system. We knew that the water would have particles in it, but were unaware to the extent of trash that was running through our system. As nurses,my husband and I were trained to teach patients to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. We however have not been practicing what we had preached because my husband and myself could taste the difference in the water from our previous home. Now that we have the system we could not be happier with our water.There are so many benefits that we have discovered to this system since the time we have installed it. The water tastes amazing, or should I say, is virtually tasteless. Showers are more enjoyable with the softer water. I have stopped using lotions and my skin still feels hydrated. My dishes are spotless without the extra cleaning products. Even our clothes don't need the softener chemicals anymore.The piece of mind with my newborn son not being exposed to all these chemicals, including the ones used to soften our clothes is worth it all. We are very ecstatic about how it will extend the use of all our appliances and can't wait to see what else it will save for us money wise."

The Brandt Family

"We have looked into a lot of different home water conditioners and are so happy we purchased the Water System. What a big difference this has made for water thru-out our entire home. My wife enjoys the softer water and the shine in her hair, my children drink more water and less soda and I even clean my car and outside windows without spots. We are telling all of our friends about your wonderful water system. We are truly happy with our purchase."

The Chin Family M.D.

"This letter is to explain the differences our family has experienced after using the water system. The greatest difference we have experienced is the softness of our skin. When taking a shower, the skin feels soft as if you were taking a shower with oil. You can feel this difference any time the water touches your skin. It feels soft and moisturized. Before, my hands felt tight and rough immediately after washing. This has changed with the new water. There is an odd and welcoming feeling of softness that we're getting used to. It's a nice surprise every time I get in the shower or wash my hands that my skin is soft. The taste of the water is different. The glasses are truly clean , without spots. The other big difference is in our hair. My wife has not used conditioners since using the new water system and her hair feel soft and looks shiny. My hair also feels the same. Before this new system, we didn't realize that the water was causing our hair to be brittle. My wife bought expensive products to nourish and moisturize her hair. I don't think there is a need for many of the products we were using since some of the problems were being caused by the harsh water in our house. We have been using the city's water and never felt the need to do something about it. However, after experiencing the difference, we will not go back. I appreciate that I can offer this for my family. I believe it is an investment that will pay for itself. I'm glad we learned about the effect of the municipal water that we thought was acceptabe. It's good we can avoid the harsh chemicals and high levels of chlorine. With this system, my family and I have noticed the difference.

The Herrera Family
El Paso, TX

"The presentation showed many different facets of the water's taste, the coloring of the ice cubes, being able to clean the shower door with just plain water and the contaminants that were not present when the water was filtered through the aqua filter. The whole procedure went very smoothly from the financing which Ramos Drilling had applied for their customers to go to a certain institution to the install of the reverse osmosis within days by the plumber. My husband and I are retired and somewhat disabled and we have no problem wondering if we have to call Ramos Drilling for customer service request."

The Hicks Family
Santa Teresa, NM

"We are very happy with our water purification system. It seems to do more than we had hoped for. We had three concerns;

1. My wife has only one kidney and because of this, good water is very important.
2. We have received many letters from our water district about arsenic in the water.
3. We have been purchasing water,but didn't know of its quality.

With these things in mind I have been praying for God's direction, when the salesman came to our door. We felt that this product was worth looking into and we are happy that we did. I would, and have recommended this purification system to many of my friends. Some are thinking about it, and I hope you are too. We have noticed that the water spots are also gone."

The Walker Family
Santa Teresa, NM

"When David first approached us about testing our water, my husband was very skeptical. However, I convinced him to let David show us some of the water qualities that, while available in the El Paso Water Utilities Quality Report, that might need a visual demonstration to fully understand. Let me tell you, it was quite shocking. Needless to say, I was very excited to see what truly clean water was like, so we got our system and reverse osmosis unit installed. We've had the unit for about two months now, and there is quite a difference. The most visual for me was the ice cubes. They were practically crystal clear,and a huge improvement over the old ones with the dirty water. We set aside some of the older ice cubes and after the ice had cleared up, compared them to the new ones. What a shocker. In comparison, you feel like you can almost see the dirt and grime in the old ice made without the filtration system. In addition to the ice cubes, the taste of our water is fantastic. I've never enjoyed drinking water, but now I almost look forward to it. No longer do we have to buy bottled water, thats all I would drink and my husband would drink anything. Besides that, our shower experience has definitely improved. Our hair is softer, our skin doesn't get so dried out, and we don't use nearly as much soap or shampoo. Plus, without all of that chlorine in the water we feel much better about bathing our baby very frequently. One of the differences my husband appreciated was the change in how clothes felt after they were washed. He would complain they felt stiff, abrasive, or even smelled strange. After a few weeks of washing our clothes he began to comment on how soft and clean his clothes felt. Oh, and speaking of that, he's also noticed that his razor blades have lasted twice as long since we got the system installed. So, I would definitely urge you to get this system installed. It makes such a difference in so many small, and large ways. It definitely improves the quality of your everyday life,drinking,clothes,cleaning and it will give guests, and perspective renters/buyers, something to talk about. Many times have we heard "I wish I had this".

The Nazzaro Family
El Paso, TX

"My family and I have been ecstatic since you have installed the water system. I remember the first time you came by my banking center and tried to convince me to let you test my water. I refused about three times until recently I had notice the strong odor of chlorine in our water. I called you and you were there within days. The best thing about your presentation is it provided hard facts and you preformed the tests right there in front of us. We were amazed of how many particles were actually in the water we use daily. Our clothes have never been cleaner, skin feels so much softer and smoother. No more hard white deposits on our sinks,faucets and tile.My son has had to pile on lotions to prevent dryness and now he hardly puts any at all. My wife is so pleased with how soft her and our daughters skin and hair feels. I'm happy because we have seen the savings already with not having to use as much soap to bathe, wash clothes, wash dishes and I can go on and on. The truth is if we were offered to install this system when we purchased our home we would have said yes with no hesitations. I beleive builders these days have to have an edge over the othe competitor and this defintely would be one. My wife is a RN and I am a diabetic and our health has recently been our number one priority and having this in our home is one great stepping stone towards a healthier life. Thank you, Mr.Ramos, for introducing this wonderful product to our family."

The Garcia Family
El Paso,TX