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This process will kill disease producing organisms, oxidize iron, oxidize sulfur. It will remove odors caused by bacteria, iron and other organic compounds.

  1. A chlorinator device(1) is used to feed small amounts of chlorine into the well water as it comes out of the ground. The water then goes into the Retention tank(2) where it is mixed with the chlorine for approx. 20mins.

  2. In the Retention tank(2) the chlorine chemically oxidizes  iron changing it into small particles that will settle to the bottom of the tank. The chlorine will kill disease producing organisms, oxidize sulfur or kill sulfur producing bacteria and eliminate odors.

  3. The Taste&Odor Filter(3) will remove the iron particles and absorb the excess chlorine that wasn't used up in the Retention tank. The Filter will also remove organic compounds. The Filter will remove the odors that come from the iron and bacteria.


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