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AquaSoft proudly uses the same technology used onboard the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiters.


The AquaSoft Five Stage Water Treatment System was in the design stages for three years. We wanted a water treatment system that could handle any water problem our customers might have. We wanted a water treatment system that would be very dependable, and one that would last a lifetime! We wanted a product that would add value to our customer's property and would look good for a lifetime. We wanted a water treatment system that without a doubt would be of the highest quality available.

After all these considerations, we decided to construct our water refiners  from solid stainless steel. We use highly polished solid stainless steel  which is very resistant to corrosion and contamination. Won't rust when setting out in all types of weather.  We added a lifetime warranty. 

These systems are available with "Silver Carbon" giving them a powerful bacteria inhibiter feature. Silver Carbon is an activated carbon material with a silver coating. This material controls odor and bacteria in the filter media, and is based on the same technology used in the NASA Space Shuttles to purify the drinking water and to control bacteria and odor. Our water refiners will remove chlorine, chloriamines,inorganic minerals and organic compounds for the water. 

AquaSoft,Inc. is the manufacture of these systems and offers a complete line of water treatment equipment to treat all types of water problems.

"When it comes to Water, it Pays to choose the Best"

We believe that if your water is over 2 grains hard
you need Conditioned Water.

  • REDUCED ENERGY COSTS-Conditioned water reduces scale build-up in hot water heater saving  as much as 22% of your electric bill and as much as 29% of your gas bill.
  • REDUCED BUILD-UP IN WATER PIPES-Improving plumbing performance and longevity. Protects fixtures and appliances. Your appliances will last as much as 50% longer. Stops soap scum build-up in showers. Less cleaning
  • SOFTER, WHITER CLOTHES-And use 50% less detergents. Your clothes will stay brighter and last 33% longer.
  • DISHES-No spots
  • FOODS-Better looking and tasting. Use 25% less ingredients such as: coffee, tea and sugar to get the same flavors.
  • NATURAL BEAUTY AID-Conditioned water helps keep your skin softer and cleaner. Helps stop premature aging of the skin.

These are just a few reasons to have conditioned water
" It doesn't cost to condition water it pays"!

Our water refiners and water conditioners use a technology to inhibit bacteria growth in the filter media. According to the US Public Health Service, ordinary water softeners can grow bacteria in the media tank, just overnight. We use the same technology that NASA uses to stop bacteria growth in the space shuttle's water.