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The choice is yours.  You can live with raw chemicalized bad tasting, bad smelling water that now contains chlorine and ammonia,
water that will deteriorate your largest investment which is your house, or you can choose the AquaSoft Five-Stage Water Refiner to protect your health and home. With the American consumer becoming more aware of the quality of their water and looking for ways to improve it, Our mission is to manufacture the very best Water Refiners, Water Conditioners, and Water Treatment Products possible.  We believe that everyone should use the best water available to protect their health and home, and with this in mind, we chose to use five-stage filtration and solid stainless steel in the construction of our systems.

There is growing concern among water authorities regarding the buildup of bacteria that may be present in the filter media of standard water softeners and water conditioners.

AquaSoft addresses this concern with Silver Ion Technology to inhibit this bacteria growth in the filter media and tanks of our water refiners and water conditioners. This is the same technology NASA used aboard the space shuttles to purify water. Our customers shop with confidence knowing that they're buying American made engineering and technology to provide them with cleaner and healthier water.


AquaSoft proudly uses the same technology used onboard the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiters.